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About Rudraksha

Rudraksha has fascinated people across the world due to it's mystical properties. It is amazing that a seed of a fruit grown on trees has gone on to receive so much attention and created so much interest worldwide. Apart from Hindu religious saints, its users and worshippers vary from artisans, housewives, academicians to businessmen.

Rudraksha is known and has been in use from time immemorail. It's origins are traced to Lord Shiva, one of the Trinities of the Hindu religion. From ancient times, Shiva's images and idols are shown wearing these beads.

Rudraksha is for self-empowerment and for bringing about positive changes from within. It has been generally found that people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, stomach disorders, stress, arthritis and fear get beneficial results by wearing rudraksha. Even disorders like asthma, insomnia and hypertension get cured or controlled by wearing rudraksha alone in some cases and along with fundamental natural therapies or herbal treatments in other cases. Such therapies can be yoga, pranayam, sun therapy and use of ayurvedic herbal products.


Rudraksha is a natural seed and can break or have small cracks if it is not handled properly or is not moisturized as required. Beads that are prone to this include: Gauri Shanker, Ganesh Rudraksha and Trijuti Rudraksha as they are Fragile and delicate by nature.

Benefits of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is one of the most widely used tools by gods and mankind to attain spiritual, financial and physiological freedom since the beginning of Sanatana Dharma which dates back to more than 5000 years. It is for this long and elaborate historical evidence of mystical properties and benefits of Rudraksha that it is till date worn by people across different walks of life. According to Shivapurana, even Sparsha (touching) a Rudraksha can liberate an individual from various sins. Wearing of various Rudraksha energized through vedic methods as pioneered by Nepa Rudraksha through generations has proven to provide three major benefits to the wearers:

  1. Fulfilment of Materialistic Desires: Like the phrase "in order to be charitable one must be profitable", being born in Kaliyuga, one is naturally filled with desires to attain materialistic desires and one finds it very difficult to walk in the path of spiritual awakenment without fulfilling these desires as they become the major source of obstruction from liberation. Even though there are several spiritual Gurus who preach about detachment from desires, there are rarely if any person who is able to attain complete detachment. Hence, Nepa Rudraksha has for generations witnessed that Rudraksha always provides a person with fulfilment of materialistic desires in order for them to be able to walk freely on the path of attaining Nirvana.
  2. Mental and Physical Wellbeing: Human brain is merely an organ that constitutes to our mental and consciousness which is known as the Mind or buddhi in Sanskrit. The Mind is so powerful that it can either destroy or make a person's health. Psychologist have long agreed that techniques such as Affirmation (Japa) has the power to make any vision or desire a reality. Hence this is why saints and Brahmins through generations have harnessed life changing energy by practicing Affirmation through Rudraksha. Western culture has just started embracing the power of affirmation which has long been taught by Nepa Rudraksha to thousands of successful businessmen and even yogis. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that Rudraksha is a matter that stores energy which can be harnessed by any individual to attain their desired goals.
  3. Spiritual Realization and Liberation: One of the most common themes across religions and beliefs is Liberation or Mukti. However, it also happens to be one of the most difficult and highly ambiguous topics to understand. Meditation, Chakra Yoga, Healing, Chanting of Mantras etc. are various ways through which one tries to attain liberation from the self. The reason Rudraksha is used in all of the methods above is because Rudra is the warrior form of Lord Shiva and according to Bhagavat Geeta, in order for one to attain Mukti or Liberation, one must awaken the Arjuna within themselves and fight their war with all the Asuri Sampad (Evil Self) in their Kurukshetra Dharmashetra which is within themselves and give rise to the Devic Sampad (Godly Self) . Hence through possession of right combinations of energized Rudraksha, one is able to attain the mind state of Rudra which will help them fight their war with the Asuri Sampad to finally attain Liberation.

Historically Rudraksha has always been found in Nepal which used to be a part of the Maha Bharata. Hence, all the Rudraksha that has been mentioned in ancient Hindu texts are Nepali Rudraksha. However, with increased demand and limited supply, the price of Nepali Rudraksha has seen a steady increase and to find a cheaper alternative, Rudraksha grown in Indonesia which is inferior to Nepali Rudraksha in terms of effectiveness and quality is also commonly found on the internet. Buying Rudraksha from Nepa Rudraksha guarantees user that the Rudraksha is authentic, energized and of unmatched quality.

Mukh or facet of Rudraksha

A mukh is a complete dividing line running from top of the seed unto its bottom. Generally in two, three, four, five and six mukhi rudraksha, these dividing lines are more or less equally spaced (there could be several exceptions). In the higher mukhis, the mukh may be spaced unequally although the better-looking ones are those having nearly equal distribution of surface. Mostly, the lines or mukh is on the raised mountain protion of rudraksha body and not on the ridges. This is an improtant point to remember while identifying genuine rudraksha from the fake ones.

This feature makes it slightly difficult for people manipulationg the beads by creating extra lines. It is a matter of width between nature and man's greed. There are unscrupulous people, who very cleverly study the free spcae availability and space, before creating the extra line and this makes it difficult for an ordinary customer to identify the bead. These people insert a full section of rudraksha having multiple mukhis into another rudraksha with counter space to create a higher mukhi bead. This is done usually for 12 and higher mukhi beads. An expert can discover the manipulation by just seeing such rudraksha.

About 70% of all rudraksha beads from nature are five mukhis, 10% each of four mukhis and six mukhis and the balance 10% makes for lower mukhis (1,2,3) or higher mukhis (7,8,9 and upwards). Rudraksha of 16 mukhis and upward are really rare and only few pieces are found from nature in an entire year. Only one or two pieces are found from nature in an entire year. Any one or two pieces of 20 or 21 mukhis and one or two Trijutis occur in nature each year.

Gaurishankher (two beads joined naturally on the trees and having one common shell outside) is also a rare variety. Hence, buyeres of such extremely rare varieties should be extra careful while procuring them.

In ancient epics like Shiva Puran, Padma Puran, Shrimad Devibhagwat or Skhand Puran rudraksha up to 14 mukhis are mentioned. There is no reference to those beyond 14 mukhis, possible due to extremely rariety of such beads.

Higher mukhis beads have been popular among princely families, rich business families and saints. Reference of beads higher than 14 mukhis is found in Katyani Yantra and some other old scriptures written some eight or nine centuries ago.

The rudraksha bead has top portion from where the lines (mukh) originate and this is called Brahma. The middle portion having the largest diameter is known as Vishnu and the bottom portion where the lines end is known as Shiva.

Beads higher than fourteen mukhis are very rare. They become rarer according to their mukh- for example 21 mukhi beads are rarer than 20 mukhi and this trend is followed in most cases. Those with 22 muhis and above are historic occurences. Three beads joining naturally on the trees is a rare phenomenon and its occurrence is similar to that of 19 mukhis and above (three to four pieces per year in each season.)

Shape and Sizes

The one mukhi rudraksha from Nepal, if at all found, shall be similar in shape but smaller compared to the two mukhi, also from Nepal. (It will be oval in shape and slightly flat and having the shape of an eye when viewed from the sides). The beads of the Nepal variety shall have a natural hole in the centre.

Finding the Right Rudraksha

Nepa Rudraksha started as a Rudraksha shop on the Pashupatinath temple during late 1960s and we have been able to remain as a leading brand in this business because of our ability to recommend the best Rudraksha combination by carefully understanding our customers need and by being able to provide them with Energized Rudraksha with unmatched quality and guaranteed authenticity. As each Mukhi has its own specific significance, we use Vedic Astrology, Ancient Sculptures and our generations of expertise to guide our customers to selecting and attaining the right Mukhi and sized Rudraksha. A Rudraksha commonly takes 40 days to start showing effect on the user and it must be energized through Vedic process which is done at the Pashupatinath Temple by our experienced priest. Please provide your Name, Date of Birth, time of birth and place of birth and our team of experienced astrologers will recommend the best combination of Rudraksha that fits your needs.

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