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Nepa Rudraksha CEO Elected As Chief Foreign Coordinator by Rudraksha Entrepreneur Association

by Nepa Admin on December 06, 2022

Date: July 21, 2022

Nepa Rudraksha CEO Mr. Mukunda Khatiwada has been formally elected as the chief of Foreign Coordination by the Rudraksha Entrepreneur Association (The Largest and only government-recognized association for Rudraksha in Nepal).

With his election, Mr. Khatiwada will be the primary person responsible for coordinating the supply of Nepali Rudraksha internationally. This is a huge step for the entire Team at Nepa Rudraksha and our customers, as it shows that our efforts in supplying authentic and high quality Rudraksha worldwide have been recognized. Mr. Khatiwada will be working with all the entrepreneurs in the Nepali Rudraksha Industry and recommending best practices that have helped his company be established as the World’s most trusted vendor for Nepali Rudraksha.

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