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“Rudraksha is merely a seed for some and for some it is the majestic bead that changed their life. It is therefore the way you wear, energize and select the Rudraksha that makes the difference.” – Late Mr. Balaram Khatiwada (Founding Father, Nepa Rudraksha)
In the late 1960s, Mr. Balaram Khatiwada who used to be a priest at the Pashupatinath temple started Nepa Rudraksha as a shop which sold flowers, Rudraksha and Saligrams to the devotees who visited Pashupatinath temple. What differentiated Nepa Rudraksha from other vendors is our founding father’s commitment to authenticity and his way of treating customers as family members.Till this date, we carry this culture and have increased the size of our family to thousands of customers from more than 160 countries. Furthermore, Mr. Balaram being a vedic scholar himself believed that each Rudraksha must be energized with the touch of Lord Pashupatinath to deliver maximum benefit to the wearer..
Mr. Mukunda Khatiwada , as seen in the image above with Late Mrs. Laxmi Khatiwada (Founding mother, Nepa Rudraksha) got involved with the family business since a very young age. Taught by his father since the age of 5, Mr. Mukunda Khatiwada gained knowledge on Rudraksha and the way one should select, use and gain maximum benefits out of a Rudraksha. Mr. Mukunda since his early years saw that Rudraksha was being exploited by various people and myths about Rudraksha was being spread on the internet. Seeing this happen, Mr. Mukunda launched Nepa Rudraksha as an online store to make sure that seekers of authentic Rudraksha are provided with authentic Rudraksha and the true practices of wearing, selecting and energizing rudraksha be preserved. Hence, since 1999, Nepa Rudraksha became the leading online store and the only online store based in Nepal to offer Rudraksha that are energized in the traditional fashion in Lord Pashupatinath Temple. Today, 90% of all Nepali Rudraksha is supplied by Nepa Rudraksha throughout the world. Nepa Rudraksha is also the largest seller of Indra Mala (1-21 Mukhi) in the world. Furthermore, we are proud to be able to guarantee that we have the largest collection of Nepali Rudraksha and Shaligram in the entire world. Till date, Mr. Mukunda Khatiwada has been able to provide Rudraksha to various celebrities, Business Tycoons, Yogis, Gurus and people from various walks of life.

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