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Complete Lagu Rudri Path By 11 Pandits:


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No of Pundits: 11, includes Brahman Bhojan (meal).
Includes: Complete Online Rudri Puja , Energized 5 Mukhi Rudraksha mala, Chandaan and a special gift from the Nepa Family to yours!
Complementary: Panchamrit puja will be done with no additional cost at Lord Pashupatinath temple and proof will be sent.

The Rudri Path or Rudram is the single most greatest Vedic Hymn to praise Lord Shiva. Found in the Krishna Yajurveda, the Rudri is divided into 11 Anuvakas/Sections which have their own significance and benefits. Nepa Rudraksha proudly offers the best online Rudri Path service online by 11 Brahman Pandits who repeat the 11 Anuvakas 11 times together creating immense power and divine vibration that blesses the puja organizer with the fulfillment of materialistic, spiritual, mental and physical desires. Your puja also consists of Shudh Bhojan for all 11 Brahmins which in itself is a great practice to free oneself from sins and bad Karma. We will also
The 1st Anuvaka: The first anuvaka is chanted to destroy sins, please Lord Shiva, freedom from untimely death, protection from evil forces and destruction of evil/negative forces that might arise as a result of bad karma and sins. The first Anuvaka is also believed to provide fulfillment of materialistic desire and Victory.

The 2nd Anuvaka: In the second Anuvaka, the chant asks Rudra to free one from all attachments and provide one with unity to the divine. This Anuvaka is catered to increasing the intelligence and the bond between one and the divine.

The 3rd Anuvaka: The third Anuvaka praises the Sarvatma form of Rudra who brings enlightenment to an individual. This Anuvaka helps one overcome their ego and the negative thoughts in their minds

The 4th & 5th Anuvaka: The fourth and fifth Anuvakas praises Rudra as the creator of everything that exists. By chanting these Anuvaka, it is believed that Rudra is extremely pleased and cures one of any diseases or faults while the being was created. The fifth Anuvaka describes Rudra’s function as a destructor and provider of Moksha (Nirvana).

The 6th Anuvaka: This Anuvaka praises Lord Rudra as the provider of knowledge through the Vedas and the creator of the universe. This Anuvaka is chanted to be blessed with godly children, an increase in wealth and assets and the wellbeing of one’s children and creation.

The 7th Anuvaka: After chanting this Anuvaka, the puja organizer is blessed by ‘cows’ and ‘sons’ which symbolize wealth and prosperity in Hinduism.

The 8th Anuvaka: The Eighth Anuvaka focuses mostly on washing the sins committed by a human being and also focuses on destruction of one’s enemy.

The 9th Anuvaka: It is believed that the 9th Anuvaka is chanted to obtain Gold and other materialistic assets. It also blesses one with a family that is blessed by Lord Shiva himself.

The 10th & 11th Anuvaka: The Rudri ends by praising Lord Rudra and by doing which a devotee is blessed with eternal blessing, longevity and the fulfilment of any desires one may have.

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