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Rudraksha Prana Pratishtha Pooja:


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No of Pundits: 1, includes Brahman Bhojan (meal)
Includes: Complete Energization of your Rudraksha Mala,Chandaan and a special gift from the Nepa Family to yours!
Video & Images: As with all our pujas, we will send you videos and images of your puja.
Complementary: The Prana Pratishtha will be done according to your specific birth chart and the Rudraksha that you purchased.
The Prana Pratishtha pooja is a vedic ceremony which is done to energize the Rudraksha and install "prana" life into the Rudraksha.This pooja has been done through generations to energize temples, Murtis and Rudraksha. Nepa Rudraksha pioneers the art of Rudraksha Energization since 3 generations and our founding father was one of the first teachers of the method of performing Prana Pratishtha on a Rudraksha bead using a three step process which is vital for gaining benefits from a Rudraksha.

Step 1: Nepa Rudraksha first selects a Beej Mantra for your particular Rudraksha which is based on the Mukhi of the Rudraksha. Our Beej Mantra comes straight from the Shiva Purana and the Upanishads which we have researched on for years. After careful selection of the Beej mantra, our Pundit performs a 108 Beej mantra Japa on your Rudraksha to start the energization process along with starting the Pratishtha procedure.

Step 2: On the second step, the Pundits carefully chant sacred Prana Pratishtha mantra and wash your Rudraksha using Panchamrit (the five essential elements of Hinduism) while putting it on a Shiva Linga to wash off any impurities that might have been present during the time of harvesting or acquiring the Rudraksha while insuring that the quality of the Rudraksha remains unchanged.

Step 3: Pundits from Nepa Rudraksha finally perform one round of Rudri Path for the Rudraksha in the name of the possessor of the Rudraksha which is the Final process of Energizing the Rudraksha. The Rudri creates a vibration that formulates a divine presence inside the Rudraksha which is later observed by the wearer of the Rudraksha.

Finally, Nepa Rudraksha ensures that the Pooja is performed to meet the quality standard of our Brand and we make sure that only the purest and the best ingredients are used in our Pooja. We guarantee that this level of thorough and vedic energization process is only offered by us and that this will ensure that you receive the utmost benefits from your Rudraksha.

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