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Sixteen Mukhi Collection

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Sixteen Mukhi (PR439)
22 - 24 mm
US $ 1100 INR 79200
Silver Caping*
US $ 1105 INR 79555
Gold Caping*
US $ 1300 INR 93340

This Rudraksha is called Jai (Victory) Rudraksha. It's supernatural powers protect the wearer against any theft or cheating and render him victorious against his/her adversaries. It endowed with great human virtues like good family relations respect and fame. It is also helpful to people whose birth signs contain unfavorable planetary positions, this Rudraksha offers inner strength to overcome such situations.
Sixteen mukhi Rudraksha can be worn singly if necessary, along with other beads. It can be worn in order to overcome adversaries and to win over fear of death or for other reasons.
Om Haum Joom Sab, Mahamritynjaya Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya.
Rudraksha description

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