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Two Mukhi Collection

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Two Mukhi Haridwar(Oval) (PR564)
18 - 20 mm
US $ 24 INR 1728
Silver Caping*
US $ 29 INR 2083
Gold Caping*
US $ 224 INR 15868

Two Mukhi rudraksha having a natural hole. Beads from Hairdwar/Dheradun, where the hole is manually drilled, are of medium quality. It will be bigger, say up to 20 mm in length and average diameter of 15 mm. It has an oval shape with slightly flatter look. The two mukhi rudraksha is blessed by the Ardhanareeshwar form of Lord Shiva, representing Shiva and Shakti.
Wearing two mukhi rudraksha frees one from the sin of cow slaughter. As per Padma Puran, this rudraksha is blessed by Fire God (Agni) also, and hence absolves the wearer from any type of sin. The wearer or worshiper is also known to get such benefits, which are normally attained through yajnas and homas or Agnihotra.
This rudraksha is useful for good family life, good relationships with all people and to get married. It is known to bring in unity of all kinds- between friends, husband and wife, father and son, father and son, buyer and seller. It is used for material gains as well as to attain nirvana and moksha. It is also known as Dev-Dev in view of its spiritual and material (dual purpose) characteristics.
Those who are single and facing difficulty in getting the right match or those having relationship problems should wear this rudraksha. Also, people seeking happiness and material gains as well as those spiritually inclined and aspiring for moksha should either wear it or worship it. It is also useful in begetting children.
Om namah (Shiva Puran), Om Om Namah (Mantra Maharnava), Om Khum (Padma Puran), Om Shreem Namah (Skand Puran), Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya.
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