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Higher Mukhi Gauri Shankhar Collection

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15 Mukhi GS (PR6303)
US $ 450 INR 32400

Two naturally joined rudrakshas are called Gaurishankar. It is regarded as unified form of Shiva and Shakti. Some people call this variety Ardhnareeshwar Rudraksha.
Gaurishankar can be worn in order to improve the relationships between husband and wife, father and son and between friends. Those aspiring to get married or couple desirous of having children wear this Rudraksha.
Sometimes, this bead has different shapes and configurations and these are described below:
Gauridhamkar with different mikhis: The most common Gaurishankar Rudraksha varieties will have a total of 9,10 or 11 mukhs, some Gaurishankar varieties have up to 21 mukhs.
Garbhagauri: A twin bead in which one of the beads is much smaller than the other is worn by women to get conceived. It has the name of Garbhgauri.
Gaurishankar Rudraksha can be worn individually or even in higher numbers to achieve desired results in improving relationships and/ or for meditation.
Om Gaurishankarabhyam Namah, Mahamritynjaya Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya.
Rudraksha description

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