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Four Mukhi Collection

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Four Mukhi (PR317)
21 - 33 mm
US $ 6 INR 432
Silver Caping*
US $ 11 INR 787
Gold Caping*
US $ 206 INR 14572

Four mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Brahma, one of the Gods of the Hindu Trinity and is responsible for creation. He is the abode of knowledge and creativity. Brahma is also known as Prajapati, Hirangaygarbha, Brahmanspati or Vishwakarma. A person wearing a four mukhi Rudraksha is known to get shinning intelligent eyes and a balanced mind and he or she can use the power of speech to his/her advantage. This Rudraksha also absolves the person from various sins including sins like killing of humans and animals.
Four mukhi Rudraksha gives fame in all the four dishas (Directions) and is suitable for all the four stages of human (celibacy, family life, detachment from family or worldly life and finally renunciation of the world itself – Brahmacharya, Grahsth, Vaanprasth and Sanyas). Children can wear this Rudraksha to improve their concentration in studies and for better memory. Excellent testimonials have been received for this Rudraksha from students, teaches and those engaged in mental and skilled work.
Om Hreem Namah(Shiva Puran), On Hreem (Padma Puran), Om Hreem Hoom Namah (Skand Puran), Mahamritynjaya Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya.
Rudraksha description

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