The Expert Guide to Wearing and Taking care of Rudraksha

Buying an authentic Nepali Rudraksha is a major lifetime investment. Even though high quality Nepali Rudrakshas are known to last for hundreds of years, customers must follow a few important steps to ensuring that your Rudraksha remains strong , nourished and energized for the longest of time.

Pre-Purchase Checklist:

Before you move on to following the comprehensive guide, please ensure that you follow these essential steps prior to purchasing your Rudraksha. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you receive highest value for your investment

    • Make sure your Rudraksha is genuine: The Nepali Rudraksha market has seen a significant growth in the last decade. However, with this growth, the number of manipulated beads have also seen a rise. Therefore, customer must ensure that they purchase with a trustworthy vendor who provides lifetime money back guarantee as well as proper certification for the Rudraksha that you purchase. 
    • Confirm the Origin of your Rudraksha: The most widely acceptable origin of Rudraksha is Nepal and it is a well known fact that Nepali Rudraksha are higher in energy potency than any other Rudraksha originating from other countries. Furthermore, the care tips might differ based on the origin of your beads. Rudraksha that are worn are primarily from Nepal whereas the Japa Mala beads (5-9mm) are always Indonesian Origin. Therefore please confirm the origin of your bead prior to proceeding with the care tips.
    • Confirm the Energization status of your bead: Nepali Rudraksha must be energized with accordance to the Vedic principles using the name and Gotra of the user. Followed by the Energization, the user must follow the mantra sadhana (reciting of Beej Mantra for recommended number of times) to keep the Rudraksha energized and maintain the potency of the bead. Nepa Rudraksha energizes each and every bead with accordance to the Vedic principles and provides a complete guide to each and every customer on how they should continue their mantra sadhana.

    Please feel free to contact Nepa Rudraksha if you have any questions or concerns regarding your particular Rudraksha and a support representative will get back to you promptly.

    Taking Care of Rudraksha:

    The amount of care needed for an individual Rudraksha depends on the quality of the bead. A+ Grade Rudraksha beads are considered to be the most low maintenance beads because they have spent the required time in the nature and are fully grown and nourished beads. However, a light weight, inferior quality bead that is harvested prematurely will require extra care and has a high potential of breaking within a few months or years of purchase. 

    Considering that your Rudraksha is a A+ Grade bead, below are some of the most important care tips that will guarantee that your Rudraksha remains in good health for the longest period of time:


    • Oiling the Rudraksha Bead: It is fair to say that oil (Preferably Rudraksha seed oil or Almond oil) is Rudraksha’s best friend. Expert tip is to use a soft brush to brush oil to your Rudraksha. Nepa Rudraksha has specially designed Brush and care oil that ensures 100% safety while applying oil to your Rudraksha bead
    • Keep your Rudraksha away from chemicals found in soap, hand wash, sanitizers, deodorant or other beauty products that might cause your Rudraksha bead to dry and gradually lose color. Best practice is to remove your Rudraksha bead during application of these products. 
    • Do not use too much water on your Rudraksha. If your Rudraksha does come in contact with water, please air dry your Rudraksha or use cotton cloth to dry your Rudraksha bead. Apply oil to the Rudraksha after the Rudraksha is dried to prevent cracks.
    • Do not soak Rudraksha in Ghee or milk. This is a false and baseless practice and is certain to cause fungus to develop on your Rudraksha bead. The Rudraksha, during Energization is washed with Panchamrit but Nepa Rudraksha ensures that proper precautions are taken before and after the ceremony to maintain the quality and durability of your Rudraksha bead. Hence, it is not advisable for customers to practice this without proper knowledge.

    Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Rudraksha:

    Taking care of your Rudraksha is straightforward granted that your bead is a A+ Grade bead which has been naturally nourished. However , there are a few spiritual guidance that is advised while wearing Rudraksha to keep it energized and get the most out of your spiritual investment.

    • Practice Beej Mantra : After wearing your Rudraksha, practicing the daily recital of Beej Mantra (at least 11 times per day) is highly recommended as per the Vedic scriptures. The divine vibrations created by this mantra chanting is helpful in keeping your Rudraksha energized and allows you to further strengthen your positive aura that flows from the bead.
    • Be mindful of your Intent: Even though there is no known restrictions to wearing a Rudraksha, one of the main principles of any spiritual practice is to be mindful of your aspirations of using the divine power of Rudraksha. Make sure that your intentions of harvesting the energy from Rudraksha are pure and is catered towards personal and societal good.
    • Do not fall prey to baseless information: One of the most important thing that one must remember is that Rudraksha is a spiritual tool with proven divine energies that brings significant changes to the wearer. However, it is meant for one to be a better version of themselves. Therefore it is not expected that the user knows every information. Hence, internet has become a place to distribute misinformation and threats relating to Rudraksha that are unfounded and catered towards diverting customers to ambiguous situations. We always recommend that you do proper research and make sure that you get your information from trusted and verified source with ample of experience and evidence to back their claims and information.

    We at Nepa Rudraksha would like to thank you for reading this information and hope that this has been helpful. Remember that we are available 24/7 and 365 days to answer any questions you might have with pre or post purchase of Rudraksha.  You can also book a premium consultation to get an in-depth information regarding each and every bead to find your best fit. 

    Wishing you the best in your spiritual journey,

    Team Nepa Rudraksha

    Since 1973