Siddha Mala

The Siddha Mala is the most powerful and effective Rudraksha Mala made in accordance with instructions from the Purana. This Mala should be worn by anyone who is starting their journey of wearing Rudraksha and harnessing the power of the energized beads. Siddha in Sanskrit means “Make Possible”, The Siddha mala gets its name because this mala makes your desires Siddha and supports you in Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha by attracting positive energy and the blessings from Lord Shiva himself. There are multiple types of Siddha Mala beginning with 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha. Users should choose the Siddha Mala type based on their experience level and ability to adapt to the vibrations of the bead. Nepa Rudraksha strongly recommends starting with Nepali Siddha mala and eventually converting the mala into Indra Mala for ultimate Rudraksha experience. Beginners should start with the Siddha Mala and allow 40 days to experience results. This is the only Rudraksha mala that nullifies the effect of all misaligned planets and makes one’s life Siddha in every front. This is also the best Rudraksha mala for meditation and Chakra healing.

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