Trijuti Rudraksha

The Trijuti Rudraksha which is also known as Gauri Paath is one of the most powerful and rare Rudraksha beads. A Nepali Trijuti is a magical bead that consists of three beads that are naturally attached to form a single Rudraksha.The Trijuti represents the Trinity in Hinduism which is Bramha (the creator), Vishnu (the Preserver) and Shiva (the judge). Trijuti is also representative of Goddess Trinity consisting of Goddess Saraswati (wisdom), Goddess Laxmi (Prosperity) and Goddess Durga ( Judgement). Hence, the wearer of Trijuti Rudraksha is a chosen individual blessed by the divine grace of God Trinity (Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva) and Goddess Trinity (Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga).

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