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Nepa Rudraksha offers an extensive collection of A+ Grade, high-quality, and X-ray certified Nepali Rudraksha, ranging from 1 Mukhi to 26 Mukhi, along with rare beads like Gaurishankar, Ganesha, Garbha Gauri, and Trijuti Rudraksha. These beads are the oldest and most effective tools for attaining spiritual enlightenment. As the world’s largest supplier of authentic Nepali Rudraksha, Nepa Rudraksha ensures each bead is certified for authenticity and energized for effectiveness following Vedic guidelines. Discover the power of original Nepali Rudraksha at Nepa Rudraksha.

World’s largest collection of Rudraksha

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Whether you seek clarity on selecting the right Rudraksha for your spiritual goals or a deeper understanding of the sacred beads, our consultations are crafted to provide you with the wisdom and direction you seek .

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Frequently Asked Question

Rudraksha is a seed from the Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus), primarily found in the Himalayan region. Rudraksha beads have been used for centuries by spiritual seekers for meditation and attaining enlightenment. Nepa Rudraksha is the largest collector and distributor of premium quality and authentic Rudraksha, with three generations of experience. We pioneer the art of energizing Rudraksha in accordance with Vedic methods at the Lord Pashupatinath temple. Our dedication to quality, Vedic energization, and tradition positions us as a leader in providing genuine Nepali Rudraksha and Shaligram.

Nepa Rudraksha is the oldest Nepali Rudraksha business and has been serving clients since 1973. We openly guarantee and claim that Nepa Rudraksha has the largest collection of Nepali Rudraksha and no other vendor has the amount of Rudraksha we have. Additionally, all Rudraksha purchased from Nepa Rudraksha comes with a 100% buy-back guarantee in terms of authenticity. You can select from a wide range of certifications, both free and premium, based on your preference. Nepa Rudraksha provides a free certificate of authenticity with each and every order and gives customers an option of requesting X-ray certifications for every bead at a low price. Nepa Rudraksha also offers the broadest range of secure payment options to meet your specific requirements.

For Generations, Rudraksha has been worn by people from all walks of life irrespective of their genders, religion, or occupation. Rudraksha is considered to be an essential tool to harvest the blessings of Lord Shiva and bring positivity to our lives. From spiritual gurus to business tycoons, Nepali Rudraksha has played a life-changing role and helped individuals realize their true potential. Hence, anyone who has the drive to bring a positive change in their life should invest in themselves through Nepali Rudraksha for maximum effectiveness.

All Rudraksha sold by Nepa Rudraksha is guaranteed authentic and 100% natural. Nepa Rudraksha provides a free certificate of authenticity and buy-back guarantee on every Nepali Rudraksha sold through our website or sales associates. We also provide paid 3rd party certification options from IRL (International Rudraksha Laboratory) and X-Ray Certification at a premium price for 100% customer satisfaction and assurance. Nepa Rudraksha is a Government Registered company and is fully compliant in accordance with the laws of Nepal and is the first online website of Nepali Rudraksha from Nepal.

Nepa Rudraksha provides the broadest range of secure payment options to our clients. We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Zelle (for US customers only), Bank Transfers (India, US, Nepal). Apple Pay, Google Pay, and various other options are supported and powered by Stripe. Please feel free to Contact Us for any payment related questions.

Rudraksha is grown only in Nepal and it is common knowledge that Rudraksha of Nepali Origin is superior in quality and effectiveness. Hence, to avoid mediator fees and inferior quality, customers are advised to buy Rudraksha directly from Nepal through Nepa Rudraksha; The Oldest and Largest Collection of Nepali Rudraksha.

Nepa Rudraksha only offers expedited shipping options. We provide free shipping on all orders above $300. For order below $300, the Shipping cost to India is $25 and shipping to North America is $45. Customers from any other location can view the shipping cost during checkout.