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Rudraksha For Beginners: A Guide to selecting the best Rudraksha for maximum effectiveness

by Nepa Admin on December 01, 2021

One of the most important questions before buying a Rudraksha is “What Rudraksha Should I Wear?” and it is often challenging to identify the best Rudraksha for you. While there are several resources online, finding the Rudraksha that meets your requirement might be overwhelming and for that reason, we have compiled a simple guide that anyone can use for selecting their Rudraksha.

Selecting Rudraksha Using Birth-Chart




Planetary Alignment during Birth is one of the most important elements of a Birth Chart which is used for recommending Rudraksha.




One of the most popular and widely used methods of selecting a Rudraksha is through the use of Vedic Birth Charts. A birth chart is a document that describes the position of the planets and all the astrological aspects that are used by Vedic Astrologers to study the personality, destiny, and potential weaknesses of an individual. Rudraksha, particularly Nepali Rudraksha, has been used for centuries as a remedy to cure various astrological misalignments and is also used to strengthen certain planets, which enables the individual to accomplish desired outcomes and goals. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before using the birth chart to select your next Rudraksha:

 Make sure your Vedic Astrologer is familiar with the use of Rudraksha:

    1. Nepali Rudraksha is one of the oldest tools that have been used by Vedic Astrologers and experts for strengthening planets and providing an individual with the resources and support for them to achieve their true potential. Vedic texts like the Shiva Purana have described the importance and effectiveness of the Rudraksha bead.

      However, with the commercialization of Gemstones, modern-day astrologers have little to no experience when it comes to the art and science of Rudraksha. This is why most customers experience that the Rudraksha that they have been recommended tends to vary from astrologer to astrologer, and sometimes there is little to no consistency across astrologers with regards to the Rudraksha that they recommend.

      Therefore, it is empirically proven that customers choose an astrologer who is both experienced and knowledgeable regarding the use of Rudraksha.

    2.  Make Sure Your Astrologer recommends Rudraksha that will be useful for long-term 

One of the most important facts about Rudraksha is that it is a lifelong investment and should be worn with a long-term vision in mind. Rudraksha is meant to be treated as a part of your life and as an investment in yourself that enables you to achieve greater potential.

Contrary to this, Astrologers often use Rudraksha without considering the long-term goals and aspirations of individuals. Hence, one must ensure that their astrologer carefully examines their short- and long-term goals before recommending a Rudraksha. This will ensure that you get a Rudraksha that will be useful for the longest time.

Therefore, it is extremely important for you and your astrologer to consider short- and long-term goals before investing in Rudraksha.




2.  Make Sure you know the difference between Indonesian Rudraksha (Java) and Nepali Rudraksha


In recent times, Indonesian Rudraksha has surfaced as a cheaper and more readily available alternative to historically used Nepali Rudraksha. Even though Nepali Rudraksha is far superior in terms of effectiveness and quality when compared to Indonesian Rudraksha, it is important to know the basic differences between the two.

The Nepali Rudraksha is the Rudraksha that is mentioned in ancient texts (including but not limited to the Shiva Purana, the Rudraksha-Jabala Upanishad, etc.) and is the Rudraksha that is most widely used by people across the world, including spiritual practitioners and leaders. However, due to its extreme rarity and premium price point, vendors have started to look for cheaper alternatives to increase their profitability while sacrificing the effectiveness of Rudraksha.

An Indonesian Rudraksha is a small-sized bead that is most commonly used for Japa Mala and is not meant to be worn as individual beads. On the other hand, this Rudraksha is harvested in large quantities and is extremely cheap compared to Nepali Rudraksha due to the mass production of Indonesian Rudraksha.

Therefore, customers are advised to spend considerable time deciding whether they want the more effective but expensive Nepali Rudraksha or want to go for a cheaper option with Indonesian Rudraksha.

Nepa Rudraksha’s Rudraksha Consultation Service:

Since 1973, Nepa Rudraksha has been committed to supplying authentic Nepali Rudraksha to more than 163 countries worldwide. Our more than 3 Generations of expertise and team of Vedic experts allow us to provide our clients with holistic and 1-on-1 Rudraksha consultations and help them select the best Rudraksha with maximum effectiveness.

An Alternative Method of Selecting Rudraksha

While Rudraksha selection through Birth Chart is the most widely used method, there is another method that is equally accepted. Selecting Rudraksha using your Goals and Aspirations or using your Zodiac Sign (Rashi) to select Rudraksha are common and valid methods of wearing a Rudraksha. One of the other methods is to select Rudraksha based on your Current Maha Dasha.

Nepa Rudraksha, with the help of our Rudraksha experts and Vedic Astrologers, has curated Rudraksha Combinations that ensures that customers are able to choose the most effective and best Rudraksha for themselves.

Final Word of Caution

Regardless of the method used for selecting Rudraksha, Nepa Rudraksha urges customers to spend considerable time evaluating their Rudraksha supplier. It is most important that the Rudraksha that you buy is 100% authentic, Energized and is of premium quality so that it is durable and effective.

We at Nepa Rudraksha ensure that each and every Rudraksha supplied by us is 100% Authentic Rudraksha and is Lab Certified. Furthermore, we energize our Rudraksha using Vedic Energization and offer Free Touch Energization at Lord Pashupatinath Temple. Furthermore, being the largest collection of Nepali Rudraksha on the internet, we can assure you that your Rudraksha will be of premium quality and you can select from the widest range of offerings.

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