The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Worshipping Shaligram (Shaligram Pooja Vidhi) by Nepa Rudraksha

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Worshipping Shaligram (Shaligram Pooja Vidhi) by Nepa Rudraksha


Time Required: 15-30 minutes

Frequency: Daily (morning or evening)

 Materials Required:

  1. Shaligram (Place them on a paper plate or a clean plate)
  2. Sringhasana  (stand) For Shaligram
  3. Chandan/Sandlewood(yellow) Powder
  4. Jau (Barley Grain)
  5. Teel (Black Sesame) seed
  6. Yellow Cloth for Shaligram
  7. Diya
  8. Incense sticks (Dhoop)
  9. Janeu (Yago Pavitam) Optional
  10. Perfume oil (essential oil) for Fragrance Optional 
  11. Ghanti (Bell) Optional
  12. Water
  13. Towel

 Restricted Items:

  1. Sindur or Red Tika of any kind
  2. Red Flower
  3. Rice Grain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Step 1: (Preparation)

Please place your Shaligrams on a plate and place the Sringhasana (stand) in the desired location where your Shaligram will be situated permanently.

Note: You can use your existing pooja place or wherever you can worship the Diety facing the east direction.

 Step 2: (Abishekam)


Please give the Shaligram a bath using clean water. Please use your right hand to wash and your left hand to pour water over the Shaligrams.

Once washed, please use your designated towel to wipe the Shaligram dry before placing it on the Sringhasana (stand).

Step 3: Pooja, Sringar (decoration)


Once the Shaligram is seated upright , please provide the Shaligram with:


  1. Vastra (cloth) : Yellow cloth of any kind can be used.
  2. Optional: Janeu ( Yaggo Pavitam) : Please place the Janeu over the shaligram
  3. Sugandit Tailam (Fragrance/ essential oil) : Apply a few drops of essential oils
  4. Chandan (Sandlewood Paste) : Please apply chandan over the Shaligram using your right hand ring finger.
  5. Jau (Barley Grains) : Please apply Barley grains to the Shaligram using your thumb and ring finger
  6. Teel (Black Sesame seed): Please apply black sesame seed  to the Shaligram using your thumb and ring finger
  7. Alankar (Crown) : Please place the crown on the top of the Shaligram along with other jewelry as preferred.
  8. Phool (Flower) : Please place a yellow or white flower on top of the shaligram


This completes the Pooja Vidhi

Step 4: Aarti (Dhoop Batti)


Please lit an Incense stick (Dhoop) and Diya (candle). Using your left hand for the bell and right hand for the Diya and Dhoop - please perform an Aarti for the Shaligram.

You can use the Vishnu Aarti Mantra to perform this Aarti. Or use any mantra as desired.

Step 5: Naivedhya (Food and water offerings)


After the Aarti, please provide the Shaligram with water (spoon full) or on a cup. Along with fruits or cooked food (optional).

Step 6: Mantra Namaskar and Meditation

Now that the Pooja is complete, please perform Mantra  or listen to the mantra for the Shaligram as desired. You can use any of your preferred Vishnu Mantra including but not restricted to “Om Namo Bhagvatey Vashudevaya Namah Om” or “Vishnu Sahasranam Mantra”

Now that the Mantra and Pooja is complete, you can end with meditating upon the divinity of the Shaligram to end the ceremony.