Indra Mala

The Indra Mala is the world’s most exclusive, rare and powerful Rudraksha mala to ever exist. The wearer of this mala is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Indra (the king of heaven) himself and gets the blessing of all Gods and Goddesses. Only divine intervention can lead to a person attaining this mala which consists of Zero Mukhi (Nirakar) to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha as well as Trijuti Rudraksha. Nepa Rudraksha is the largest supplier of Nepali Indra Mala and all our Indra Mala are made-to-order using the finest quality Rudraksha and is energized using Vedic procedure for maximum effectiveness. Customers are able to visit Nepa Rudraksha to view the making of their Indra Mala and have the ultimate Rudraksha experience.

Largest Collection of Indra Mala